What is AcroYoga?

Acroyoga is a beautiful practice that combines the dynamic wisdom of acrobatics, the awareness, breath and balance of yoga and the healing, loving nature of Thai massage. Working with one or more partners these three disciplines are fused into spectacular sequences of inversions, flows and balances.

It’s a community practice, which, at it’s simplest, means that you are working with other people. In this way we can practice developing trust, connection and openness which can then be taken into the community as a whole. In AcroYoga, the smallest community is 3 people covering the 3 main roles of base, flyer and spotter.

The base is essentially the one on the bottom supporting the weight of the flyer. The spotter’s primary role is to ensure the safety of the base and flyer and can act as coach and assistant to help the pair through tricky transitions.

The two main energies in AcroYoga are the Solar which reflects the more fiery acrobatic side and the Lunar which embodies the more therapeutic and healing aspect. The acrobatic side takes strength, balance and determination while the therapeutic is side encourages opening, releasing and listening.

AcroYoga is an exhilarating and open ended practice. It leads towards hard to achieve asana positions such as scorpion, headstands and handstands. It deepens backbends, lengthens hamstrings and opens hips, as well as an endless array of flying positions that no-one has thought of a name for yet.

AcroYogis are a friendly bunch. They want everyone to win and everyone to be happy.

Apart from happiness other qualities you can expect to develop from the AcroYoga practice are confidence, sensitivity, trust, poise, Metta, determination, a sense of community as well as physical attributes like upper body strength, core ability, suppleness and grace. These qualities can be taken into your daily life and, in your own little way, you can contribute, in a very real way, to helping the world be a better place.

Happy people don’t start wars.