Lula Rose McGill

Lula discovered AcroYoga in 2009. Opening a doorway that had seemed shut for so long, into a world of fun, connection and playfulness, she fell in live with the practise and became a self confessed flying junkie. She began organising AcroYoga jams in Lewes and Brighton, sowing the seeds for Brighton’s present AcroYoga community.

Since then she has trained extensively with some of the best acrobats and AcroYoga teachers in the world, Europe and the UK. Remaining passionate about AcroYoga to this day and realising a dream, in May 2014 she become an AcroYoga teacher.

Also in 2009, inspired by the a motivation to build a strong spine and responding to a calling into the circus arts, Lula started doing trapeze, silks and loop. Going on to teach and perform in the UK, at festivals and in Spain.

Following a natural path, in 2010, Lula completed a 500 hour Sivananda Yoga Teacher training course, IYN validated and an ITEC in Anatomy and Physiology. She teaches yoga, core conditioning and flexibility training. She loves the diversity of her practise and how she can tailor classes to suit individual needs, incorporating her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Lula is fascinated by all things concerning the body, not only in terms of how it moves but also how it functions, biochemically, she is currently studying naturopathic nutrition and runs nutrition workshops. Her primary interest is on radiant health and vitality, maintaining fitness and body function as we get older. Providing a holistic perspective on healing and a great combination with yoga and AcroYoga.

With her beliefs firmly routed in what is possible and how we can create positivity and community through intention and energy, she draws upon her long history of self development, courage, strength and playfulness in order to provide a safe and trusting environment for her classes and workshops.

Lula is particularly inspired by AcroYoga’s tag line: “Building Community by Divine Play.” Recognising more and more that community is the way forward for the survival of humanity! AcroYoga for Lula is all about working with all the key elements that make us happy healthy people….