Chetana Thornton

AcroYoga  & Yoga is Chetana’s joy, & lifetime devoted passion, for Chetana Yoga is a way of life, living in present moment awareness from the perspective of Oneness, in Divine Union.

Chetana teaches Acroyoga and partner Yoga to share this love of life, lived from all aspects of the eight limbs of Yoga. she is teaching voluntary in Amritapuri ashram india from dec to feb, and divides her time teaching in spring and summer throughout uk ,and finland and europe retreats.

Her first inspiration into the yogic way of life is from ashram living within Amritapuri -India with the saint and Humanitarian –Ammachi ,who continues to guide and influence this ever deepening path of Self Realization, & the miracle of living from love & compassion in seva , igniting the BhaktiYoga path of devotion & Jana yoga from the Vedanta tradition of India. For this reason Chetana continues to facilitate Charity & global awareness events through the medium of Yoga, Partner Yoga &Yoga Therapy in community outreach ,within Europe and the US,dedicated to her teacher Ammachi. Ammachi’s humanitarian mission’s inspiration has established the authentic Yoga tradition in all its 8 limbs throughout the world, that successfully  serves for the yogic education, Peace & wellbeing of humanity as a whole.

Chetana continues to facilitate international Aroyoga ,Thaiyoga massage , Yogatherapy and meditation events, retreats, groups, workshops & classes & one on one sessions in Yogatherapy, Partner Yoga,Thai yoga massage, Bhakti & Jana Yoga, often fused with devotional chanting- kirtan music.

Chetana Is a fully insured Acro yoga teacher , & RYT accredited Yoga teacher -Yoga Alliance, having teacher trained within the following traditions over the last 17yrs including- Amrita Yoga,-Amritapuri,Vinyasa Flow Yoga -Moksana-Canada, Asthanga yoga-Mysore, Restorative Yoga-SF CA, Sivananda Yoga-Kerala, Iyengar Hatha -(Yoga-Angela farmer),Yoga therapy-The pacific school of Yoga therapy-CA, and the Special yoga center – London. Chetana has taught extensively over the last 17 yrs internationally. Aside from Global yoga conferences, festivals, & retreats,she has taught regular classes from; Fairfax yoga studio CA, Mountain Yoga Studio SF, San Ramon MA centre, Aum Studios Sf, Studio Keller-Paris, Natural Bodies Brighton, Bubble Yoga studio-Brighton, The Heart Centre Brighton, Staplefield town hall, Lewes Subud centre, Lewes Cliff hall, Amrita centre- N.chailey, Forest row Community centre, The Tin Tabernacle Barcombe, Ananda Healing Centre-Peachaven.Amritapuri –Kerala, Amrutham Ayurvedic Resort-kovalam. Ananda Nikitan -Tiruvanamali- India.

Chetana is also a teacher of Thai Yoga massage-ITM &WAT POH, Asokananda’s Thai massage tradition Sunshine house. Thai-Yoga massage, acupressure , cranio sacral , bodywork  informs her own practice of yoga, understanding & discovery of the body.This is brought into her yoga therapy one on one sessions and classes to enhance the therapeutic aspect of partner yoga as a sacred  dance.

Chetana’s meditation background has arisen from Ramana Maharishi’s teaching transmission in Self enquiry -non-dualisim Vedanta ,& continual influence from the Zen teacher Adyashanti,& the speaker Echart Tolle.



*A clip for those who don’t know what yoga therapy or thai yoga massage is , see a live video from the workshop