Corporate Workshops

The corporate AcroYoga workshops are run by Neilon, who has a wealth of coaching and team-building experience.

Before becoming a full-time coach and AcroYoga teacher, Neilon spent many years in the corporate sector in a variety of creative, technical and managerial roles, working for some of the biggest global media brands. He has also worked as an oil market analyst.

The years he spent in the corporate environment gave Neilon considerable insight into what makes companies tick and enabled him to understand some of the stumbling blocks that can prevent harmony in any business.

Is it important for your company to work well together?

If it’s important to your business to have employees communicate well, trust each other, work with integrity and to enjoy their work, then these workshops can really help. AcroYoga is a great format for companies looking for a fun activity that helps their employees to bond and cooperate better. At its heart, AcroYoga is a community practice and Neilon is a great believer in the benefits associated with communities working well together – both within companies and for the world in general.

AcroYoga is a beautiful practice that combines the dynamism of acrobatics, the awareness, breath and balance of yoga and the healing, loving nature of Thai massage. These three disciplines are fused together into an integrated and progressive whole.

The level of physical activity in these workshops might initially seem a little challenging but Neilon ensures it stays well within everyone’s capabilities – and it’s always fun. The foundations of communication, trust and enjoyment generate many benefits, including building trust between team members and improving inter-team communication. All this can have a positive effect on your productivity and staff satisfaction and retention.

As well as the physical aspect of AcroYoga, Neilon’s workshops include fun games and communication exercises designed to relax people and help them to feel comfortable around each other.

In AcroYoga, the smallest community is three people, covering the main roles of base, flyer and spotter.

The base is the person at the bottom, supporting the weight of the flyer. The spotter is there to ensure the safety of both base and flyer. The spotter can also act as coach and assistant. Success requires communication, clarity and receptiveness.

AcroYoga roles in business

AcroYoga can be a way to practise effective communication between different roles or levels of staff. It can help business leaders – the base – to embody leading with compassion, steadiness and clarity and thus build trust. Flyers can be seen as the creatives of a company. With solid leadership from the base and help from the spotter, who might represent a business support function, the creatives are freed up to accomplish great things.

The spotter is often the unsung hero in this dynamic, keeping both flyer and base working and helping them to achieve what might not otherwise be possible – just like an IT team, for example.

AcroYoga is an exhilarating and open-ended practice. Participants want everyone to win and everyone to be happy. Happy people who trust and can be trusted tend to communicate well with colleagues, helping to build a productive and harmonious workplace.